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Silent Hill 4: The Room Review

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A survival horror game that introduces the player into the malicious world of the occult and demented, enthralling the player with grotesque creatures and subconscious paranoia that rivals the ability of Hell itself. Acting as the protagonist Henry Townsend, the player finds them self locked within the apartment room 302 and plagued with nightmares of ominous visions and ghosts. Henry soon discovers a massive hole has unknowingly developed within his bathroom walls. Upon entering it the player is hurled into a realm of murderous monsters and sinister specters where only a few located items and holy artifacts can ward off the player’s downfall. Game play is somewhat different from the previous Silent Hill series; breakable weapons force the player to constantly find new items and weapons to counter the growing horde. Immortal enemies, such as the ghostly victims of Walter Sullivan, can only be hindered by use of talismans and candles forcing the player to flee more often than not from fights. The main character is also somewhat different from prior main characters, which often succumbed to the affects of Silent Hill from suppressed regrets. Henry is different simply because unlike most who were mere results from internal torments, Henry is thrown into a world intent on murder and death and forced to survive. The player also acquires a secondary character, Eileen Galvin, to help combat the monsters and can be equipped with weapons allowing for more flexibility and a higher chance of survival as well. Overall the game flows elegantly, from an enticing plot that dwells upon the solemn tale of a lost soul to the beautiful illustrated backgrounds and renowned soundtrack that make Silent Hill the leader in the survival horror genre, giving Silent Hill 4: The Room a 4/5.
Silent Hill 4: The Room

Silent Hill 4: The Room (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date: 14/SEP/04
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